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The Climate Change Challenge is about providing affordable green renewable energy for everyone.
Free energy you generate from home and the solution to fuel poverty around the world.
That's our vision.

Find out more:  Causes of Climate Change
                       Impact and effects of climate change

Climate Change News
How serious is Barack Obama about climate change?

Large rise in CO2 emissions sounds climate change alarm

China to Boost Renewable Power in 2013

2012 hottest year on record in contiguous U.S

Climate change: Soot's role underestimated, says study

Plants flower faster than climate change models predict

Wind farms can cause climate change finds new study

Energy subsidies push up the price of wood

Cop 17 - Huhne hails UN climate change deal that will cost UK taxpayers £6billion by 2020

Africa: What Are the Outcomes of the Durban COP 17 Climate Change Talks?

One third of humanity faces biggest risks from climate change

1,000 New Jobs' Created By Energy Projects

Skeptic’s own study finds climate change real

Doctors warn climate change is greatest threat to public health

South Africa takes climate change seriously

Climate change blamed for storms, flooding, drought

Journal editor resigns over problematic climate paper

10,000 in Sydney say 'yes' to a carbon tax

UK proposes fourth carbon budget

China's Climate Change Challenge

Rice paddy fields threatened by climate change

Chris Huhne: Nuclear power may become less attractive option for UK

Wind power cheaper than nuclear, says EU climate chief

Fewer Americans worry about climate change

Antarctic ice reveals trapped secrets of climate change

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Featured Articles
Can the world fight climate change and energy poverty at the same time?

Is black carbon affecting the Asian monsoon?

How recycling mobile phones can benefit the environment

Global warming, fact or fable

How energy companies rip you off

Climate change: a summary of the science by The Royal Society

Bellamy, Climate Change not Man Made

Combating climate change- China’s contribution to the expansion of Africa’s renewable energy sector

The Climate Change Challenge for British Woodland

Do Volcanoes cause climate change

Disposable Nappies (diapers) - No Worse for the Environment Than Cloth Nappies

Walking to the shops damages planet more than going by car

Causes of Climate Change

Causes of Climate Change slammed by 140 Scientists

86 million Americans without healthcare

The truth about climate change

Renewable energy from biomass and biofuel

The 10 big energy myths

The electric car

Lessons from the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference

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Voice your opinion and pledge to help tackle climate change and fuel poverty.

Global Numbers: 2 billion without access to electricity
UK Numbers: 6M in fuel poverty; 30K annual senior citizen deaths
USA Numbers: 16M in energy/fuel poverty; 86M without health care

Climate Change meets Fuel Poverty
Climate Change represents probably the biggest challenge we face in our lifetime. We were the first organisation to link fuel poverty with climate change. Addressing fuel poverty tackles climate change.

The Latest Social Evil
Tackling climate change and the latest social evil fuel poverty at the same time is an ongoing challenge. Our Climate Change Challenge not only tackles climate change but fuel poverty too through energy efficiency and domestic renewable energy.  You can help eradicate fuel poverty and endorse the need for free green renewable energy that you generate yourself by making a

Long Term Solution
Clearly, the long term solution in fighting fuel poverty is good fuel / energy efficiency in the home and the the ability for everyone to generate their own free green energy using renewable energy resources. This will empower each and everyone of us to be responsible for our own energy needs.

Free Green Resources
Domestic renewable energy generation or micro generation as it is also called is the clear green solution to reducing the ever increasing energy costs and the depletion of world fossil fuel reserves. Whether it's utilising wind, solar or a new technology, the benefits are huge for everyone regardless of race, colour, creed or where you live in the world. Currently, renewable energy generation on a domestic micro generation scale is not affordable by everyone especially those in fuel poverty or energy poverty as it is known in other parts of the world.

Facing the climate change challenge - videos from around the world
Climate Change videos from around the world

Resource Centre - find out more on climate change, fuel poverty, carbon footprint

What is climate change
Climate Change - Myth or Real
What are greenhouse gases
What causes climate change
The Impact and Effects of Climate Change
What is carbon footprint
What action can we take

The truth about climate change
The 10 Big Energy Myths
Quotations on Climate Change

Pledge4REG - Make a pledge and help end fuel poverty

Fuel poverty facts
Fuel poverty and the vulnerable
Excess winter deaths
Energy price analysis
USA Fuel Poverty
86M US citizens without healthcare
Fuel poverty video
End fuel poverty Pledge4REG

Greener living - energy efficiency and energy saving tips

Top ten energy saving tips
More Tips spend a little save a lot

Climate Change Challenge - invent a renewable energy generator

What is renewable energy
Renewable energy from wind power
Renewable energy from solar power
Renewable energy from biomass and biofuel
Renewable energy from geothermal heat pumps
Renewable energy from hydro power

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Check out the latest news on Climate Change, Fuel Poverty and Green Inventions
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Our Climate Change Challenge accelerates the domestic renewable energy challenge to find a cheap, affordable REG (renewable energy generator) that can be used by anyone anywhere to generate their own electricity.

Show your support for the need of an affordable and practical REG by making a Pledge4REG. It won't cost anything and confirms your belief that domestic renewable energy will provide incredible benefits of free green energy to ordinary hard working people.

Your pledge will also support our campaign to eliminate fuel poverty. Almost 6 million people (and rising rapidly) now live in fuel poverty which also claims 30,000 senior citizen life's every year just in the UK alone. Fuel poverty now exists in many countries throughout the world.

Please show your support for a domestic renewable energy generator by making a Pledge4REG whether it's to help eradicate fuel poverty or because you support micro generation giving you clean green renewable energy.

Voice your opinion and make a pledge!
Find out more how The Climate Change Challenge and Pledge4REG, supported by the likes of pop superstar Madonna as Patron and the world famous inventor Trevor Baylis OBE, literally gives back the Power to the People.

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"I hope and pray that the politicians and governments of the world join together in reaching probably the most important climate change agreement of our time at the Cop15 conference in Copenhagen."

"The winter of 2009 was a cold one and has driven thousands more into fuel poverty. I like the idea of Micro-generation. It would take me and millions out of fuel poverty and save money too."

"To eradicate fuel poverty
is the big challenge of our time. I urge everyone to pledge their support to this worthy cause. If you care about a solution to fuel poverty then do it now!"

"Climate change, global warming, carbon emissions and even carbon footprint. I didn't have much clue what all the fuss was about until I came across this site. Thanks for opening my eyes!"

"I am not surprised at how many people fall into the fuel poverty bracket, most of those people, are housed in rented council properties. These properties mostly have single glazed windows and wooden doors, and little or no insulation. Local councils are more interested in spending money on useless projects like speed humps. I can not use my heating because of the cost. I can only afford the heating on for 3 hours a day which costs me £40 per week. With this bad winter, forget it, heat or food? Food comes first. Add to that the new tax increases, and heat is now a luxury we can not now afford."

Green Invention

British engineers produce amazing 'petrol from air' technology

Teenager invents £23 solar panel from human hair

Revolutionary British Hybrid Electric Car unveiled by Axon

Cambridge scientists target ultimate in green electricity

An electric car from China that does 250 mile on one charge

Wind turbine wins 2009 green challenge

Green scientist scoops inventor of the year award

Solar Power Breakthrough - the third wave is here

Scientists invent £2 energy saving light bulb that lasts for 60 years
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Fuel Poverty
Fuel poverty to rise to 8.5m, report warns

New energy secretary Ed Davey will help cash-strapped households to beat soaring power bills

Chris Huhne calls for consumers to switch energy suppliers

Fuel poverty figures are understated, says consumer body

The great energy rip off

Big Lottery Fund pledges up to £50 million to tackle the effects of climate change on vulnerable groups

If Earth Were Powered From Space

India: End to Fuel Subsidies Brings Damaging Diversions

Homeowners face £277 fuel-bill hike: Move towards 'green energy' will come at a price

New strategy to end fuel poverty

Measures unveiled to help cut fuel poverty

It would pay to take more interest in our energy bills

Coalition calls for end to fuel poverty

UK households in debt to energy suppliers

Gas bill cut just token gesture, says expert

British Gas profits jump by 58% to record high

UK Highlights Need For New Fuel Poverty Strategy

Poll reveals more than 7m households are in fuel poverty

UK government project to combat fuel poverty runs out of money

Pensioners face death from the cold this winter

Energy bills could rise by 60%

Fuel Poverty tackled through renewable energy

Energy price cuts 'barely scratch the surface' for those in fuel poverty

SNP takes action on fuel poverty

Banks or Pensioners who would you bail out?

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