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The Climate Change Challenge Video Collection
How are countries around the world are facing up to the challenge of climate change.



United Kingdom (UK) Facing The Climate Change Challenge

About the Video


This is the UK Government's ACT ON CO2 campaign television commercial called Bedtime Stories.
The campaign is designed to raise awareness of climate change, convey the imminence and the need for urgent action.



Bangladesh Facing The Climate Change Challenge

About the Video



Short documentary style film delivering key UK Government messages about Climate Change in Bangladesh for presentation for the Department for International Development. The film is inspiring, emotional and informational. It captures the dynamism of projects in Bangladesh to combat climate change. The audience included attendees such as the UK and Bangladesh Governments. A wider reach includes non-climate change experts, Climate change experts who do not know Bangladesh, the Media, ordinary Bangladeshi people. The film is being shown to ordinary people in Bangladesh and in schools to raise awareness of the global implications of climate change.

Africa Facing The Climate Change Challenge

About the Video

A video by Ibrahima Fall, a well known Senegalese filmmaker is a striking documentation of the work of the Global Environment Facility GEF in climate change projects in selected African countries. It includes interviews with environment ministers of African countries that have been benefiting from GEF support, a number of key political figures, personal accounts and results achieved over the past years.



Denmark Facing The Climate Change Challenge

About the Video

Adaptation must be addressed in a broad development context, recognizing climate change as an added challenge to reducing poverty, hunger, diseases and environmental degradation. The poor and marginalized groups are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, and suffer the most from accelerating water scarcity, water quality degradation, floods and droughts, and sea level rise.  Account for every drop of water and adapt to climate change.

Ireland Facing The Climate Change Challenge

About the Video

Irish commercial entitled 'Challenge' to promote climate change. The music for this was composed by John Walsh.



Kenya Facing The Climate Change Challenge

About the Video

    People all over the world are feeling the impact of abnormal changes in climate. Long dry seasons and unpredictable weather threaten the livelihood of many. In Magadi, southern Kenya, a small community struggles with dwindling access to water and food.