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"After" Copenhagen
Climate Change News

Climate change action has stalled
22 Jan 2010

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THE world is showing only lukewarm enthusiasm for a "Copenhagen Accord" to curb climate change, with no sign so far of deeper-than-planned 2020 curbs on greenhouse gas emissions before a January 31 deadline.

In Brussels, a draft European Union letter yesterday showed plans for the 27-nation bloc to reiterate a minimum offer of a 20 percent cut in emissions by 2020 below 1990 levels and a 30 percent cut if other nations act comparably.

Other countries are likely to do the same after last month's Copenhagen summit ended with a low-ambition accord.

Few countries have so far sent letters to the United Nations Climate Change Secretariat before a January 31 deadline for outlining goals for 2020 set by the Copenhagen Accord, which was worked out by major emitters led by China and the United States.

The deal sets a goal to limit global warming to a 2-degree-Celsius temperature rise above pre-industrial times but omits details of how. It also backs a target of US$100 billion in annual aid for developing nations from 2020.

And it said rich countries should submit by January 31 their targets for cuts in emissions by 2020 and developing nations should outline actions for slowing the rise of emissions.

The US Climate Action Network said Brazil, South Korea, South Africa, Ghana, Australia, France, Canada, Papua New Guinea and the Maldives had indicated they were committed to the accord.

The summit failed to adopt the Copenhagen Accord after opposition from Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Sudan. That meant the conference merely "took note" of the plan.

China, India, South Africa and Brazil will meet in New Delhi tomorrow.


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Source: Shanghai Daily