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No Climate Deal Likely in Mexico Climate Change
28 July 10

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Environment ministers from India, South Africa, Brazil and China have little expectations of striking a climate deal at an upcoming global conference in Cancun, Mexico.

Speaking at a climate change meeting in Rio de Janeiro, the ministers pointed to the failure of countries such as the United States to cut emissions and deliver on promises of financing for emissions reduction programs.

Vairam Ramesh, Indian Environment Minister]:
"If money is not put on the table, which was the most important promise made by the developed countries, then it is unlikely that we will have an outcome in Cancun. The key to Cancun lies not with the developing countries, it lies with the developed countries to fulfil their commitments on financing, which they have undertaken as part of the Copenhagen deal."

Striking a deal in Cancun also seems unlikely because the U.S. Senate recently delayed climate change legislation until September.

[Buyelwa Sonjica, South African Environment Minister]:
"By the time we get to Cancun they will not have completed the legislation. Clearly, we will get less than the legally binded outcome and for us that is a concern. We are very realistic about it, that we may not ."

In the past, nations like China have called on countries with the largest economies to fund climate change measures such as caps on emissions.

More than 100 countries supported a non-binding accord last year in Copenhagen to limit global warming, but did not spell out how this should be achieved.

The Kyoto Protocol, which placed carbon emissions caps on nearly 40 countries, expires in 2012 with no new deal in sight.

This year the US Environmental Protection Agency released a report that says climate change has worsened many environmental indicators like melting glaciers and heat waves.

The report said warming in the 21st century will surpass the 20th century.


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Source: NTDTV