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Press Release – 10th July 2007

Live Earth is Dead but Madonna Continues to Combat Climate Change

Climate Change Challenge launches in London, Thursday 12 July, 2007, supported by Madonna

Live Earth might be over before it got off the ground but Madonna continues
to combat climate change, and fight fuel poverty, by backing two global,
humanitarian schemes. With support from the superstar songstress, UK 8020 - a not for profit community interest group - is funding the Climate Change
Challenge (TM) ( which launches in London at noon on Thursday 12 July, 2007, at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel, London.

There were no second thoughts for Madonna when it came to supporting Robert Lee, the founder of UK 8020, and putting her name to these life-changing events - and with good reason. When it comes to fuel poverty, 30,000* pensioners die every year in the UK alone because they cannot afford to keep themselves warm in winter. That equates to eight pensioners dying every hour** during the winter months: a tragic and unnecessary loss of human life.

Now, at last, it seems that someone is prepared to 'throw down the gauntlet'
and challenge the population-at-large to help. A £100,000 prize and place in
the history books, up there with the likes of Edison, are up for grabs for
the first person to invent a renewable energy generator (REG) that will
provide 90% of the UK's domestic electricity needs for free. As part of the
rules, the target retail price for the unit with installation has been set
at £500 - currently the average cost of six months' energy.

As well as being patron to the Climate Change Challenge, Madonna also
supports UK 8020's other humanitarian initiative, Pledge4REG (TM). Linking
directly to the Climate Change Challenge, Pledge4REG addresses the almost
four million** people in the fuel poverty bracket in the UK.

Robert Lee, founder of UK 8020, says: "Madonna's commitment to UK 8020's
cause is of immense value - she isn't the sort of celebrity who gives her
name to everything - so her
involvement shows how much she believes in what we're doing."

Pledge4REG will make a significant contribution to eradicating the problem
of fuel affordability that exists in a supposedly civilised country.
Pledge4REG works simply by inviting people to pledge £500 to buy a REG for
anyone of their choice over the invention period. It could be for their
parents, an elderly relative, a social acquaintance, or anyone who may
benefit from a helping hand. As it is a pledge, no money needs to be paid
until the Climate Change Challenge winning invention eventually goes on
sale, thereby giving all pledgers time to save the necessary funds.

Robert Lee continues: "Most of us know someone who hasn't been able to
afford their fuel. Our scheme is all about empowering people through
incentives, not taxes. It gives the ordinary person the chance to make a
difference by being responsible for their own energy needs and,
simultaneously, helps rebuild caring communities. The challenge is open to
everyone regardless of race, creed and political or financial standing, so
it's a classic case of 'Power to the People' in every sense."

He adds: "We are positive that the humanitarian aspect of this idea and the
link to the creation of free, green energy for everyone is what convinced
Madonna to come on board within just a couple of days of being asked!"

To enter the challenge, visit
( or make a difference to someone's
life by pledging at (

- ends -

Notes for editors

Key guests at the launch event include:

. Trevor Baylis OBE, world-famous inventor of wind up radio

. Peter Ainsworth MP, Conservative Shadow Secretary of State for
Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

. Chris Huhne MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Secretary for the Department of
the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs

. Renu Mehta, founder of Fortune Forum

. Mr Harun Rashid Khan, chair of the Muslim Council of Britain's London
Affairs Committee

. Fazlun Khalid, founder director, Islamic Foundation for Ecology and
Environmental Sciences

For a media toolkit, go to: (company and launch site)

Also see:


* Age Concern website, 27 October, 2006

** BBC website article, 2 June, 2006