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Press Release 12th July – UK 8020

The Climate Change Challenge Launches at Noon - Thursday 12 July – at the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park Hotel, London

With Trevor Baylis OBE, the world famous inventor

The challenge to invent a renewable energy generator (REG) that will provide
90% of an average household’s electricity needs for free - and give the winner
prize money of £100,000 and their place in history. Known as the Climate Change Challenge (TM) (, the scheme is the brainchild of not for profit community interest group, UK 8020.

Backed by the likes of Madonna as Patron and Trevor Baylis OBE, the Climate
Change Challenge encourages budding British inventors to devise a REG that
will retail at a target price of £500 - currently the average cost of six months' domestic energy.

The Climate Change Challenge runs alongside UK 8020's other humanitarian
initiative, Pledge4REG (TM), which aims to help eradicate the problem of
fuel poverty by inviting people to pledge £500 to buy a REG for anyone of
their choice (parent, relative, elderly friend, etc.) over the invention period. As it is a pledge, no money needs to change hands until the Climate Change Challenge's winning invention goes on sale, giving ample time for pledgers to save funds.

Robert Lee, founder of UK 8020, says: "The Climate Change Challenge is intended to address the problem of fuel affordability in the UK while also
helping the environment by creating a REG that can be mass-produced and
marketed. We are awaiting some interesting inventions and ideas from the
nation of inventors out there."

Trevor Baylis, OBE, inventor of the wind-up radio, says: "This is a call for all inventors to start applying their minds to the challenge of developing a renewable energy generator. If you can solve a problem, you are on your way to becoming an inventor.

"For example, the simple addition of a wind-up mechanism to a radio allowed
vital information to be broadcast to areas affected by natural disasters, epidemics and war. Who would have thought that wind-up technology, which has been with us for hundreds of years, would prove to be such an effective tool for the improvement of peoples' lives?"

He adds: "My invention saved lives - but it took years to convince others of
its capabilities. Now UK 8020 is offering £100,000 for a similar idea - one which provides a basic need, but will profoundly affect the lives of ordinary people, as mine did. An inexpensive way of generating energy could improve the lives of millions, and we would no longer have to read the appalling statistics about the death of our own citizens dying from lack of heat."

To enter the challenge, visit or help someone afford their energy
by pledging at (

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