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UK 8020
on 12th July 2007 launched two Global initiatives, the Climate Change Challenge and Pledge4REG that not only tackles Climate Change but Fuel Poverty too.

These initiatives have clear humanitarian objectives and a focus to engage ordinary people by using incentives.

Equally important they embrace inclusion; inclusion of all ages, races and creeds.

In her true humanitarian spirit, Madonna, the international pop superstar has kindly supported these initiatives by becoming patron. Madonna’s name will help to reach ordinary people in every corner of the globe.

Climate Change Challenge™ and Pledge4REG™ tackles climate change through incentives, helps the most vulnerable in society by saving lives and will dramatically reduce people’s fuel expenditure.

UK 8020 is social enterprise and a “Not for Profit” Community Interest Company, regulated and registered at Companies House.

Climate Change Challenge™
Have you ever wondered why you should be penalised financially by additional taxes if you want to go green? Climate Change Challenge™ embraces incentives not taxes to deliver green renewable energy to ordinary people.

UK 8020 is challenging individuals or groups with an inventive spirit to design a Renewable Energy Generator (a REG) that will produce at least 90% of a average household’s electricity. A key objective of the Challenge is that the winning REG must retail and be installed for £500. The invention can utilise existing renewable green technologies or a completely new technology. The current prize money for the winning entry is £100,000 although it is hoped that this will rise depending on funding through sponsorship. It is also hoped that funds can be raised to help fund the development of some of the more feasible entries.

The Challenge will run over a two year period and will be judged by a panel of industry experts. All intellectual property rights to any of the inventions will remain with the inventor. UK 8020 will not exert any rights apart from the requirement to publicise the invention and the inventor.

The inventor of the winning REG design will no doubt take their place in the history books alongside great inventors like Edison. More important, ordinary people will benefit from this invention as the REG must sell at a price of only £500 currently the average household cost of 6 months energy and supply at least 90% of their energy needs.

Apart from providing free green energy for life and helping the most vulnerable with their fuel bills, an entirely new industry will be created. Production, installation and maintenance of these REG’s would provide millions of jobs across the world.

It will certainly be a case of Go Green, Save Money!

The motivation behind Pledge4REG™ is to end fuel poverty in as many parts of the world as possible. Just in the UK alone almost 6 million are in this bracket. More shocking still are the needless deaths of 30,000 pensioners dying each winter from cold related illnesses. That’s an incredible 8 deaths every hour during the months of December through to March.

Sadly many Senior Citizens cannot afford to heat their homes properly something that many of us usually take for granted.

Pledge4REG™ endeavours to ensure that never again will we see another image in the media of a Senior Citizen wrapping themselves up in black plastic bin liners and being forced to sell their life long possessions just to keep warm. This indeed is tragic and we can all help to prevent it.

Pledge4REG™ works simply by inviting people to pledge £500 to buy a REG (renewable energy generator) for anyone of their choice. It could be for their parents, an elderly relative, a friend or indeed anyone who they feel needs a helping hand. The choice is theirs. As it is a pledge, no money needs to be paid until the Climate Change Challenge™ winning invention begins to retail.

UK 8020 will be responsible for co-ordinating, recording and keeping people who Pledge4REG™ informed on the progress of the Climate Change Challenge™. UK 8020 will contact all pledgers when the winning REG is about to retail. Pledgers will then make their REG purchase directly from the retailer or manufacturer. No monies at anytime will be paid directly to UK 8020. The power of the internet will be the main communication tool where the majority of pledges will be made though postal applications will be accepted.

During the two year invention period Pledgers will also be encouraged to make an immediate difference to their chosen Pledgee’s life by buying them 6 low energy light bulbs. This will have an immediate impact on saving electricity, cutting carbon emissions, saving money and tackling climate change. Best of all it will help to rebuild the caring community spirit.

It is believed that there will be a massive humanitarian response across all sections of society to the Pledge4REG™ initiative. It will appeal to children and one can imagine them saving up, selling their toys at Boot Sales just so they can buy their grandparents a REG. It is hoped that even community leaders will encourage Pledges from their own communities either from individuals or groups. An important underlying objective of Pledge4REG™ is to be a catalyst in re-building communities by forging good relations and tolerance amongst people from all creeds. Community leaders themselves could help identify the most vulnerable such as the elderly most at risk and promote Pledge4REG™ as a means of support.