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Climate Change Challenge Launched 12th July 2007

Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park HotelUK 8020’s global initiatives, Climate Change Challenge™ and Pledge4REG™ were officially launched on the 12th July, 2007 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in London.

One hundred guests attended the launch at this prestigious hotel frequented by Kings and Queens throughout the ages to hear more about the Climate Change Challenge and Pledge4REG.

Robert Lee, the founder of UK 8020 and whose brainchild these initiatives are, was delightedDavid Blowers & Fazlun Khalid that his key launch objective of including a cross section of society was achieved. Representatives from leaders of the Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Anglican and Christian communities all gave their support by attending. The youngest guest was 9 year old Safeeyah El Diwany, part of the 8 members representing the 7th Goodmayes Scout group as further endorsement that these initiatives involve all ages, all creeds and all races throughout the UK and the world.

Touching on most walks of life other guests came from members of Parliament, hoteliers, business leaders, education, trade unions, environmentalists, novelists, the film industry, magazines editors, writers, and the media.Trevor Baylis OBE

The Climate Change Challenge which challenges the inventive spirit of individuals or groups to invent an affordable renewable energy generator (REG) is endorsed by Trevor Baylis MBE, the world famous inventor of the wind up radio. In his speech at the launch, he encouraged the inventive spirit of individuals, emphasised that “if there is a problem to be solved, we are on our way to becoming an inventor”.

The invention of a REG will saves lives, help tackle the climate change crisis and help end fuel poverty. Robert Lee taking the stage at the launch said, “Its shocking that 30,000 pensioners die each winter from cold related illnesses due to their inability to heat their homes, that ‘s an incredible 8 deaths every hour during the months of December through to March. It’s outrageous that such a problem exists in a supposedly civilised country”.

The Pledge4REG initiative which was also launched alongside the Climate Change Challenge invites people to pledge £500 to buy a REG for anyone of their choice. It could be for their parents, an elderly relative, a friend or anyone who they feel needs a helping hand.

Rhymez EliteRhymez Elite, an up and coming rap group from the Midlands entertained guests with a specially written song on the plight of fuel poverty, "Every Second, Every Minute". These teenage lads spent many hours writing the lyrics that sum up passionately what fuel poverty really means to those cannot afford to heat their homes properly during the winter months.

The two initiatives were well received by many at the launch and were acknowledged as a good humanitarian effort to save the planet and help at the same time end fuel poverty for pensioners, the vulnerable and families who are in the fuel poverty bracket. Furthermore every single person could not only benefit in the future by saving money on their energy bill but they could painlessly go green in the process.7th Goodmayes Scout Group
Fareena Aslam, Scout Leader of 7th Goodmayes Scout Group says “Great Cause - will change the lives of millions!” The 7th Goodmayes scouts were so enthusiastic about the initiatives that they alongside Paul Hampton from Express Printing and Geoff Thompson the Bafta Award winning writer and Martial Artist are the first to Pledge4REG!

Rev David Bookless & Rabbi David MasonRev David Bookless, National Director of AROCHA says: “This is an excellent initiative which encourages and links all aspects of sustainability - the economic, the environmental and the social.”

Madonna was keen to lend her name as Patron to these worthy causes within two days of being asked. She has recognised the humanitarian and life changing impact that both initiatives could have on society across the planet. Robert Lee is honoured and delighted to have such an internationally known megastar to head up his cause, “I cannot think of any other living person who by just using their first name, Madonna, is so well known in every corner of the globe,” he said.
Robert Lee - Founder
Robert Lee would like to thank all guests who came to lend their support at the launch. Their kind words and encouragement have further endorsed the importance of tackling the climate change crisis and the humanitarian effort to eliminate needless death due to fuel poverty.

UK 8020 – 12th July 2007


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